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Industry Leading < 0.5%RH
Storage Solutions​ for a Secured Environment

Authorized North American Distributor

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Track & Reset controlled Humidity & Temperature  Storage  Solutions

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Smart factory 4.0 Storage & MSL Management 

TOTECH EU SUPERDRY  Cabinets  are a trusted Industry leader in IPC/JEDEC (MSL) Standards for Moisture Sensitive Devices (MSDs) for Electronics Manufacturing , the Medical field , Aerospace Industry & Additive Manufacturing...

Dry Cabinet Storage Solutions 

Super Dry SD Series cabinets.png

SD Series for drying moisture sensitive components and PCBs as a result of a high performance drying unit.​

Humidity can be controlled precisely by digital panel to reach the lowest 2%RH.​

It is specially designed for moisture sensitive SMD packages to comply with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033C.

SD Series
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SD+ Series Dry storage cabinets in the SD Plus series are the highest performance versions of the SD range and fully network compatible.

It is specially designed for moisture sensitive SMD packages to comply with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033C.

SD+ Series
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MSD Series a modular dry cabinet that can grow with your demand. The modules are designed for easy extension to suit your needs. Incorporating our extremely powerful, U-5000 dynamic dry unit

It is specially designed for moisture sensitive SMD packages to comply with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033.

MSD Series
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Designed to exceed IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 and 1601 for handling Moisture Sensitive Devices.

The advanced technology delivers a process combining ultra low humidity (<0.5%) and mild temperatures (40-60°C) for floor life reset proven to replace traditional oven baking of components and boards.

XSD Series

XSDR Series Floor Life Reset Cabinets have multiple batch management of moisture sensitive devices.

Using sophisticated software, can independently track the timing of 10 separate batches of components being reset at the same time per chamber.

Two separate chambers, two different temperatures to be applied in the same cabinet, dehumidifying to less than 1% RH.  insulated with 60mm walls.

XSDR Series
XSDC Series

XSDC Series cooling cabinets deliver solutions for applications that require cooling, particularly solder paste storage.  The XSDC 601 cooling cabinets maintain an internal temperature of 0 – 12°C.

Totech EU Software

MSL software endless possibilities of Smart Connect

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Totech Viewer Software

- Transfer of sensor, alarm and 
machine data from integrated 
storage through ethernet to PC
- User-friendly display of all relevant data
- Data processing in MS Excel

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Totech Monitor Software

- Online monitoring of humidity and temperature
- Management of data on multiple drying cabinets
- Measurements displayed on PC in table or chart format
- Automatic device identification
- Real-time alarm messages via e-mail

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Totech MSL 2.5 Software


- Online monitoring of humidity and temperature
- Management of data of multiple drying cabinets
- Measurements displayed on PC in table or chart format
- Automatic device identification


- Recording of all loading and 
unloading processes
- Dynamic calculation of
remaining floor life time
- Documentation of drying process
- Lockout function upon expiry of 
floor life time

- Continuous localisation of all 
- Traceability of all stock movements
- Information and evaluation about 
unused material

Customizable ESD SMT Carts , Reels , Feeders & more For most major brand AMR `s Robots... Made in the USA


  • SMT Reel Racks Carts 
  • SMT Feeder Racks Carts
  • Board Handling Solutions
board cart.webp

Custom-made solutions. You can customize the shelves to fit any application. The shelves can be custom made based of different requirements. Single cart for multiple applications. Shelves change without tooling long lifespan futureproof your applications transport SMT line setups.

SDR Series

TOTECH EU custom-built walk-in dry rooms we assist you in choosing the right dimensions, colour, drying capacity and software for your specific application. We use top-quality series components and advanced technology to build affordable dry rooms that meet your requirements

Super dry SDR room.jpg

MiR 250 AMR Cart shown

Copy of mir trolly1_.png

Custom inquires welcome

Our Story

Totech Canada operates in North America to supply a diverse customer-based for SUPERDRY TOTECH EU ultra low humidity Smart factory 4.0 Dry cabinets, reaching less then <0.5 RH% .Prior to becoming Totech Canada inc was formally named XDRY Technologies ,We have been and will provide after sales service to all XDry / Superdry cabinets since 2007 to present , and with holding to the high quality, excellent service and innovation, we commit ourselves to providing new various products with creative technology and stable performance like our highly reputable ultra-low humidity storage cabinets.

Totech Canada inc. 

We are always happy to assist you in all your inquires about our products and services. 

Our service technicians have many years experience in dealing with desiccant dry cabinets.


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Other Samples of Dry Cabinets uses:

  • Storage of all kinds of Interacted Circuits and Silicon Wafers etc.

  • Storage of  Inspection Equipments and Liquid Crystal Cleaning Equipments etc.

  • Storage of Aerospace related instruments and Tools.

  • Storage of Optical Equipments and Digital Media

  • Storage of Chemicals, Medicine, Cultural Assets, etc.

SuperDry SD Series Cabinets.png
  • Custom Built Ultra low Rh% Superdry Feeder Series 

  • 54 Inch /1370mm Deep

  • Most Major brands

  • SDF 2100 SMT Feeder Series

Glass Buildings

Totech Canada Inc.

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