Being an expert in industrial dehumidifying, and a specialist of Moisture Sensitive Devise (MSD), Totech operates globally to supply a diverse customer-based innovative dry storage solutions of desiccant dry cabinets.

Providing RH % 1 Solutions for a  secure environment

Warranty Period 3 Years

  • Set humidity value precisely, display humidity and temperature value

  • Set the humidity and door open alarm

  • Set the nitrogen purging time

  • Lock the panel to avoid unintended changes of setting

  •  Sensor calibration

  • Calibratable

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  • Storage of all kinds of Interacted Circuits and Silicon Wafers etc.

  • Storage of PDP Inspection Equipments and Liquid Crystal Cleaning Equipments etc.

  • Storage of Aerospace related instruments and Tools.

  • Storage of Optical Equipments and Digital Media

  • Storage of Chemicals, Medicine, Cultural Assets, etc.

What are Dry Cabinets used for:

1. SMT  Solutions

2. PLC Programming

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  • custom models available

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