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Totech Japan

Brief History of Totech

█ 1974 The foundation of Toyo Living Co., Ltd. The development of dry unit started.

█ 1976 Instead of using silica gel desiccant, the dry unit, which  with the new desiccant, first entered into the Japanese market through agents in the field of physical and chemistry.

█ 1982 The manufacturer of home electronic applicant, TOSHIBA bought the dry unit

█ 1983 With the installation of Shape Memory Alloys (SMA), the dry unit has been firstly come into the optical market in Japan.

█ 1987 As the usage of dry cabinet (Auto Dry, shift from the optical market to the field of semiconductor, low humidity setting verified to 5%RH, 2%RH, and 1%RH. dry cabinet with a HEPA filter is also developed at this time.

█ Beginning of 1990s To meet the storage of semiconductor, the temperature baking dry cabinet is developed, for both dehumidifying and medium temperature baking. (Room Temperature 50 degrees)

█ Beginning of 21 century Enter the the world markets 

Totech Canada inc. 

Totech Canada operates in North America to supply a diverse customer-based for SUPERDRY TOTECH ultra low humidity & Temperture controlled Dry cabinets, reaching less then <0.5 RH% .Prior to becoming Totech Canada inc was formally named XDRY Technologies ,We have been and will provide after sales service to all XDry / Superdry cabinets since 2007 to present , and with holding to the high quality, excellent service and innovation, we commit ourselves to providing new various products with creative technology and stable performance like our highly reputable ultra-low humidity storage cabinets.

We are always happy to assist you in all your inquires about our products and services. 

Our service technicians have many years experience in dealing with desiccant dry cabinets.


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