About us

Storage for  Industrial dehumidifying, and Moisture Sensitive Devise (MSD), Totech Canada operates in north and south america to supply a diverse customer-based innovative dry storage solutions of desiccant dry cabinets. We design and supply ultra low humidity cabinets,  RH%  <1%.

We're constantly redefining the capability of humidity reduction technology for industries including electronics, digital media, laboratories, medical and optics.

Prior to becoming Totech Canada inc was formally named XDRY Technologies ,

have been and still can and will provide after sales service to all XDry / Superdry / AutoDry cabinets since 2007 to present ,we carry every serviceable parts in stock for XDRY SUPERDRY, AUTODRY and with holding to the high quality, excellent service and innovation, we commit ourselves to providing new various products with creative technology and stable performance like our highly reputable ultra-low humidity storage cabinets.

Here shown is an example of a Toyo living dry & control cabinet.

Totech Canada Inc. is the officially  licensed Totech Global distributor for desiccant dry cabinets in north and south America we offer sales and service for all Toyo Living cabinets.

Edward Billingsley President of Totech Canada Inc. has been in the dry cabinet business for many years, providing sales, service and technical support.

Totech (Toyo Living) is the creator of world’s first Automatic Drying System invented in 1973.


Our dry cabinets use the highly-quality and highly reliable Toyo Living units sold all over the world and used in many international companies. We also supply various kinds of custom-build cabinet to best suit our client’s need.

Toyo Living was established in Japan in 1973. As one of the most well known and largest electronic dry cabinet manufacturer in the world, its brand SUPER DRY / AUTODRY  has set Totech Global cabinets in ultra-humidity control with a long standing reputation as a lasting stable performer , in the field of Semiconductors, IC, PCB, Biochemistry, Medicine, Optical Instruments, Aerospace etc.

Totech Global which is based out of Shanghai is the official representative for Totech Japan Toyo Living’s dry cabinet product line and  authorized Totech Canada inc. in the North and South America market , Totech Canada sales and service of Totech Global business related to Dry Cabinets. 

Toyo Living Dry & Control System