What are dry cabinets used for:
  • Storage of all kinds of Interacted Circuits and Silicon Wafers etc.

  • Storage of PDP Inspection Equipments and Liquid Crystal Cleaning Equipments etc.

  • Storage of Aerospace related instruments and Tools.

  • Storage of Optical Equipments and Digital Media

  • Storage of Chemicals, Medicine, Cultural Assets, etc.

Applications in Production Process

IC packages
Silicon Wafer
Liquid Crystal
Glass (LCG) Board
Optical Fiber
Musical instruments

Other Dry Cabinet Usages

Storage of Metal Objects and Tools
Recommended Humidity Level: Lower than 40%
Rust and error on the internal precision instrument can be prevented by storing commercial measuring instruments and other precision equipment, special tools, weapons, home equipment with metal parts in a low humidity.
Camera Lenses
Recommended Humidity Level: 50%
Mold can be prevented on camera lenses, microscopes, binoculars and photography equipment by storing in an Auto Dry cabinet.
Recommended Humidity Level: Lower than 40%
Any powder material for scientific, industrial, medial or household use can be protected from moisture absorption and chemical reaction by storing in a low humidity environment.
Stamps, Photos, Albums
Recommended Humidity Level: 30%~50%RH
Humidity is one of the main causes of yellowing and discoloration of stamps and photos. They should be stored in a humidity level of 30~50%, not too high or too low.
Antiques, Arts
Recommended Humidity Level: 30%~55%RH
The hot summer and dry winter environment must be overcome to maintain the value of the items.
Desirable Humidity Level: Lower than 10%
There is a strong relationship between seed germination with the moisture level of seed storage environment. A low humidity environment and prevention against water absorption will lead to high germination and growth rate.